Leko & Anand

The game between Leko Peter and Visnuvanathan Anand took place in Miskolc in the June of 2009. The game was held in the National Theatre. The city organized the event named Leko  & which continued until  2010 with various guests participating.

The guest were al well known names in the world of chess, and the festivals always garnered serious public and media attention.  Leko and Anand played 8 rapid matches. Visnuvanathan Anand was born in Tamilnadu and learned to play chess from his mother. He was around six years old and it quickly become evident that he can become a very formidable player at his later ages. He had a special propensity for the rapid chess.

It wasn’t easy for him to reach the heights, the title of world champion avoided him, but he didn’t become disheartened. Anand become FIDE champion in 2000 which wasn’t a de facto world championship because then the other classic association was still functional. In 2007 the two championships merged and Anand was in top form again. He kept his title until 2013 when it was transferred the current reigning champion Magnus Carlsen.

Leko was born in Subotica, Serbia. He became international master when he was  14 years  old. He won the U16 world championship. He was part of the Hungarian Olympic team which had nice successes.  In his adult years he was at fourth place on the FIDE list, at the time of the meetup he was on the 9th.

In 2009 it was evident that Anand not only a world champion, but he is really good at rapid chess. He put tremendous pressure on Leko, he brought his decisions in milliseconds , and those were the right ones. Leko played well, but he usually needs a little more time to think . He made a slight error in the beginning which propagated until the end.

Leko picked the Grunfeld defense, then they played a similar variation. The Indian master countered the defense very effectively. Leko had a slight edge even in the final match but couldn’t use it properly. The result was 3-5.